Real Property Information

Parcel 140200 101.570-1-15.000258 BRINKMANHARISH MOHAMMEDInrem Code
YearCycle/DescInstlInRemBill No.PrincipalAdjustCreditFeePd IntrPaidBalanceInterestTotal BalPayer Information
20211-County Tax01 5315610.
20201-County Tax01 5314514.620. mohammed
20191-County Tax01 5317913.930. mohammed
20181-County Tax01 5337313.560. mohammed
20171-County Tax01 5350712. mohammed
20161-County Tax01 5361711.300. john j
20151-County Tax01 5371110.350.
20141-County Tax01 5377810.
20131-County Tax01 5390010.350. john j
20121-County Tax01 5405610.430.
20111-County Tax01 5394410.
20101-County Tax01 64032143.480.
20091-County Tax01 64059137.420.000.002.0012.52151.940.000.000.00nowak john j
20081-County Tax01 54572136. mortgage
20071-County Tax01 65402133.700. mortgage
20061-County Tax01 55074134.400. mortgage
20051-County Tax01 55149120.350. mortgage
20041-County Tax01 55157122.710.
20031-County Tax01 55463126.
 Balance as of        12.091.0813.17
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*Erie County is not responsible for clerical errors, omissions, or errors caused by taxpayers paying on the wrong property.
Notify your City or Town Assessor for any error in name, property description and change of tax bill address.

InRem Codes
N = Xspand Sale 2003W = Xspand Sale 2004
R = Xspand Sale 2005S = Stay
B = BankruptcyQ = In Rem 165
Y = Sold at C. BuffaloX = Cancel Tax
M = MiscC = In Rem 166
A = Assigned

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