Real Property Information

Parcel 140200 111.580-1-25.100476 WILLIAM9274 GROUP INC
YearCycle/DescInstlInRemBill No.PrincipalAdjustCreditFeePd IntrPaidBalanceInterestTotal BalPayer Information
20201-County Tax01 606075,618.620.,618.62-
20191-County Tax01 606565,351.410.,351.410.000.000.009274 group inc
20181-County Tax01 609645,207.940.,207.940.000.000.009274 group inc
20171-County Tax01 611024,713.,407.380.000.000.009274 group inc
20161-County Tax01 612164,342.560.,342.560.000.000.009274 group inc
20151-County Tax01 613323,979.600.0058.810.0058.813,979.600.000.000.00n/a
20141-County Tax01 615063,937.530.,937.530.000.000.009274 group inc
20131-County Tax01 618773,976.990.,976.990.000.000.009274 group inc
20121-County Tax01 620334,005.420.,005.420.000.000.009274 group inc
20111-County Tax01 618773,917.440.,917.440.000.000.009274 group inc
20101-County Tax01 141833,997.820.,997.820.000.000.009274 group inc
20091-County Tax01 141883,645.660.,645.660.000.000.009274 group inc
20081-County Tax01 628493,429.,429. group inc
20071-County Tax01 146503,190.510.,190.510.000.000.009274 group inc
20061-County Tax01 636473,027.910.,027.910.000.000.009274 group inc
20051-County Tax01 637422,550.960.,550.960.000.000.009274 group inc
20041-County Tax01 637552,437.420.,437.420.000.000.009274 group inc
20031-County Tax01 642322,336.810.,336.810.000.000.009274 group, inc
 Balance as of        -71.140.00-71.14
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*Erie County is not responsible for clerical errors, omissions, or errors caused by taxpayers paying on the wrong property.
Notify your City or Town Assessor for any error in name, property description and change of tax bill address.

InRem Codes
N = Xspand Sale 2003W = Xspand Sale 2004
R = Xspand Sale 2005S = Stay
B = BankruptcyQ = In Rem 165
Y = Sold at C. BuffaloX = Cancel Tax
M = MiscC = In Rem 166
A = Assigned

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