Real Property Information

Parcel 140200 122.120-1-36.000229 ELKSOUTH BUFFALO DEVELOPMENT
YearCycle/DescInstlInRemBill No.PrincipalAdjustCreditFeePd IntrPaidBalanceInterestTotal BalPayer Information
20211-County Tax01 67461806.490. buffalo development
20201-County Tax01 67471615.740. buffalo development
20191-County Tax01 67573586.460. buffalo development
20181-County Tax01 67958570.730. buffalo development
20171-County Tax01 68100516.520. buffalo development
20161-County Tax01 68261475.900. buffalo development
20151-County Tax01 68453436. buffalo development
20141-County Tax01 68706431.510. buffalo development
20131-County Tax01 69195435.830. buffalo development
20121-County Tax01 69362438.950. buffalo development
20111-County Tax01 69205429.310. buffalo development
20101-County Tax01 718121,, buffalo development
20091-County Tax01 719051,059.500.000.002.0096.551, color corp
20081-County Tax01 703771,049.320.000.002.20290.631,342. by city in rem dist 3
20071-County Tax01 735271,030.830.000.002.20505.911,538.940.000.000.00pd by city in rem dist 3
20061-County Tax01 713991,,436.890.000.000.00pd by city in rem dist 3
20051-County Tax01R71531927.870.
20041-County Tax01W715681,414.900.,414.900.000.000.00n/a
20031-County Tax01 721251,454.,454. color corp
 Balance as of
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*Erie County is not responsible for clerical errors, omissions, or errors caused by taxpayers paying on the wrong property.
Notify your City or Town Assessor for any error in name, property description and change of tax bill address.

InRem Codes
N = Xspand Sale 2003W = Xspand Sale 2004
R = Xspand Sale 2005S = Stay
B = BankruptcyQ = In Rem 165
Y = Sold at C. BuffaloX = Cancel Tax
M = MiscC = In Rem 166
A = Assigned

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